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What is the cost of a publicist?

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The cost of hiring a skilled publicity expert can be high, though exact fee rates can vary substantially from one practitioner to the next. Many factors figure into a firm’s standard fees, including the amount of experience its professionals hold and even the part of the country in which it’s located. When shopping for a publicist, it’s important to remember that cost doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. Some of the most effective types of marketing and PR services today can also be the most cost-efficient.

Online-based PR and marketing firms typically are able to offer the best rates, as their services tend to come with a lower overhead cost. Affordability doesn’t have to equal compromised results, however. Digitally focused campaigns offer cutting-edge strategies and techniques that employ the use of communication channels most used by consumers today—including email and social media—and can be especially ideal for budget-conscious small businesses looking to expand their reach and gain both publicity and industry recognition.

What does a publicist do?

Publicists who work with businesses primarily or exclusively are more often called PR specialists or practitioners and, these days, tend to be multi-dimensional professionals with expertise in both traditional public relations and marketing strategies as well as web marketing and advertising techniques.

These sought-after professionals help businesses do several key things, in particular—grow.

Marketing and PR—in both conventional and digital forms—often substitutes (or works alongside) traditional advertising efforts, by promoting products or services as well as a company’s overall image. Publicity experts are skilled in the art of gaining media attention and other important tools of exposure, relying largely on press releases, websites and social networks as avenues for reaching the public and disseminating strategic messages across multiple channels simultaneously.

Where can I find the best publicist?

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly global market, businesses are very likely to benefit most immediately from linking up with a full-service firm that specializes in both digital PR strategies and highly valuable internet marketing approaches. A high-quality digital firm should, of course, boast a strong online presence of its own with a well designed and informative website as well as active social media pages. Look for an agency that is leading the way in web-based marketing and PR services, one that employs the latest and greatest technology and has a unique, patented approach to serving client accounts.

Accreditations and industry recognition or awards are important certifiers of a firm’s quality, but you should also look for one that shows proof of its success. A reputable digital marketing and PR firm should feature site testimonials written by clients—or even detailed case studies showing just how past campaigns have satisfied clients’ needs and goals.

  • Publicity can be a cost-effective commodity
  • Business publicity experts know both PR and marketing
  • High-quality digital firms have strong online presence


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