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Public Relations

What is the cost of public relations?

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PR services fit into many different price brackets. Some firms require substantial retainers that end up being depleted very quickly as a campaign progresses; others offer highly effective, customizable service packages for set monthly rates that can be surprisingly affordable.

There is no universal price tag on good (or bad) PR. And just because one firm charges significantly higher rates than others doesn’t mean that the services provided will be of better quality.

In general, digital or online-based PR services are less expensive than those based around the traditional media approach. Web-centered campaigns also produce more measurable results and boast a higher ROI ratio by utilizing powerful tools like SEO and online reputation management.

What is public relations?

The field of public relations today encompasses a broad scope of communication-focused strategies, with many elements of traditional and online marketing now incorporated into the overarching role of contemporary PR. The primary objective is fairly straightforward: to facilitate communication between an organization and its respective publics (more plainly defined as “target audiences”).

As electronic channels have become the cornerstone of modern communication, methods for reaching target audiences have adapted accordingly. Contemporary PR firms are turning their focus towards the digital realm, with some particularly progressive agencies dedicating services to online identity exclusively.

In today’s highly globalized and technologically dependent business world, a PR company must successfully integrate many different aspects of mass communication—search engines and SEO, online advertising and email-marketing, even social media and the ‘blogosphere’—to establish the kind of reach necessary for producing results.

And while traditional PR techniques remain applicable, the process behind them has largely shifted to accommodate the digital revolution. For instance, as print publications migrate toward predominantly online formats, methods for distributing press releases and the weight of high-value media placements have as well.

How to review a public relations company?

Standard categories that are typically applied to the review or evaluation of a public relations company’s performance include: online presence and reputation management, media relations and client support services.

Online presence and reputation management is a broad-encompassing service category that covers a dynamic blend of strategic campaign elements. The first part evaluates the quality of a firm’s web-marketing techniques—which typically include link building, SEO, paid search, social media campaigns and website design, among others. The second part is designed to rate ongoing online reputation management services like social media and customer review monitoring.

Evaluation of a firm’s media outreach relies largely on metrics pertaining to press release distribution as well as observable results of promotional efforts, such as placements in online publications or coverage from news outlets.

Finally, support services are reviewed based on a firm’s accessibility, response to client feedback and the average timeframe for returning phone calls, emails, etc.

  • Digital PR services are generally cost-effective
  • PR facilitates communication between organization and public
  • Good PR spans traditional and digital channels
  • Online services fundamental in company reviews
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