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Public Relations Specialist

What is a public relations specialist and what do they charge?

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Public relations pros specialize in promoting people, products or businesses through strategic and effective communication with identified target audiences. Traditional PR tools include press kits and new releases, as well as event planning and community outreach. Today’s PR specialists often choose to incorporate digital mediums into their toolbox, along with traditional media outlets. Examples of digital communications channels include social media, blogs, email and online publications.

Costs associated with PR services depend on several factors, including the practitioner’s amount of experience and the type of services being performed. For instance, fees charged for a single project (like a press release or email newsletter) would be significantly less than the cost of an entire campaign, executed over a period of a year or even longer.

What does a public relations specialist do?

As an expert in communicating with various “publics” (or audiences), a public relations specialist is commonly hired by businesses to design and implement campaigns for expanding their reach and degree of exposure. Good PR can serve many purposes in growing a business’ level of public recognition and industry authority—resulting in lead generation, a broader customer base and measurable increase in profits.

Internet PR, specifically, is a cost-effective option for smaller or more budget-conscious businesses. While generally less expensive than traditional services, digitally focused methods can have a major impact in a relatively short period of time. PR specialists are able to help businesses increase their online visibility by optimizing websites, creating and managing social media accounts and distributing press releases across thousands of major media channels.

What responsibilities does a public relations specialist have?

Beyond establishing and executing the distribution of strategic messages across various channels, a PR specialist is also responsible for things like reputation management and crisis communications. For instance, within the digital context, a public relations firm would typically monitor clients’ social media accounts, as well as external review sites, to quickly catch and intervene on negative feedback that can taint a business’ public view.

The Neilson company reports that at least 70 percent of all global consumers now look to “earned media” sources—like online reviews—over paid advertising efforts, when choosing products and services to invest in. With that number steadily increasing, it’s clear that online reputation is key to maintaining profit margins and public image in today’s market. Retaining the services of an experienced public relations and marketing firm can help companies do just that, at just a fraction of the costs incurred through lost business and a tainted reputation.

  • PR pros promote businesses and products
  • Digital services cost-effective
  • Online reputation management key to success


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