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‘Tin Cup’ Pearl Necklace News: 2008 Presidential Race Pumps New Life into Pelosi Pearl Craze, Says Los Angeles Jewelry Expert

‘Tin Cup’ Pearl Necklace News: 2008 Presidential Race Pumps New Life into Pelosi Pearl Craze, Says Los Angeles Jewelry Expert

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 38 View / June 24, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 24, 2008 – A Tin Cup pearl necklace inspired by the 1996 Kevin Costner film of the same name is trendier than ever thanks to the 2008 Presidential race and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s much-photographed string of pearls, says the gem expert who owns the world’s largest online pearl store.

Pelosi’s dazzling pearls inspired the Los Angeles pearl expert to custom-design a Tin Cup pearl necklace in the famous politician’s honor. “We simply call it the Pelosi-style Tin Cup pearl necklace,” says Jeremy Shepherd, founder and president of online jewelry store, www.pearlparadise.com.“All things political are taking front and center stage and that includes The Honorable Nancy Pelosi’s pearl necklace,” he says. “When she’s in the news – almost every time – you’ll see her wearing that knock-out string of pearls.”

Shepherd says his company’s Pelosi-style Tin Cup pearls “are really the best of both worlds. You get the look of Mrs. Pelosi’s multicolor strand of Tahitian, white and golden South Sea pearls refashioned into the same chic style that “starred” around Renee Russo’s neck in the film, “Tin Cup.” Twelve years after that movie came out, women still crave the Tin Cup look – especially with the new Pelosi twist we’ve added.”

How do Nancy Pelosi’s celebrated pearls differ from the trendy Tin Cup pearls? “She wears a multicolor strand of Tahitian, white and golden South Sea pearls,” says Shepherd. “We’ve taken her pearls up a notch and refashioned them Tin Cup-style.” Shepherd says Tin Cup pearl necklaces have pearls that are scatter-set and wrapped in a delicate gold or white-gold chain. The look is contemporary and traditional at the same time.”

Years ago, Shepherd, a former flight attendant for Northwest Airlines, purchased his first string of pearls for a girlfriend during a layover in Beijing. When that $25 pearl strand was later appraised for $600, he saw a thriving business possibility. Today, he speaks Mandarin Chinese and travels every month to China – but now as the owner of an Internet jewelry store, not as a flight attendant. In the process, Shepherd has become a bit of a celebrity.

His pearls were glamorous giveaways in this year’s Oscar gift baskets, and recently, comedian Ellen DeGeneres showed off his Paradise Pearls on her talk show. In the last three years alone, Shepherd and his pearls have been featured in dozens of publications including:

    • USA Today
    • The New York Times
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • Entrepreneur
    • Investors Business Daily
    • National Jeweler


The Tin Cup pearl entrepreneur says his pearls have attracted major media coverage because they are high quality, sold at a low price. “Our pearls are the same quality you find at Tiffany’s and other high-end jewelry stores, except for one thing,” Shepherd says. “They are hugely discounted.”

How can Shepherd afford to sell Tin Cup pearls at 80-percent off retail?“We’ve cut out all the middlemen between the Chinese pearl farm and the commission salesman at the jewelry store. I own a Chinese pearl farm and I communicate directly with the growers. We trust each other.”

With this advantage, he admits he’s not popular with traditional jewelers. “But I am popular with our core customer – the man who wants to buy a necklace for his wife and knows it’s $2,500 in a store – but only $350 on Pearl Paradise. Our customers also like the 90-day money-back guarantee.”

For more information about Tin Cup pearls, Pelosi-style Tin Cup pearls and other freshwater pearl jewelry, shop online at www.pearlparadise.com or call the Los Angeles store to speak with Shepherd or one of his pearl specialists at 310-474-8788.

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