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Akoya Pearl News: PearlParadise.com Launches Akoya Pearl Sale Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama Might Go Back-to-School For

Akoya Pearl News: PearlParadise.com Launches Akoya Pearl Sale Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama Might Go Back-to-School For

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 70 View / September 9, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA (Sept. 9, 2008) — Akoya pearls as a back-to-school gift?

“You bet,” says Jeremy Shepherd, founder and owner of PearlParadise.com, the world’s largest online pearl store. “That’s why we’ve launched an akoya pearl sale to celebrate the season.”

Shepherd says stylish students know that classic akoya pearls “are just as cool worn with jeans in the classroom as they are with silk and satin on special occasions. And judging from the pearl necklaces we’ve seen worn by the political wives Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama,” he says, “we think these ladies might be more than happy to go back to school, just to take advantage of this sale. They obviously love pearls.”

Shepherd says he came up with the idea of a back-to-school akoya pearl sale because more and more young women are taking their pearls out of the jewelry box and mixing them with casual clothes. “We see it all the time. Pearls with cut-offs are not an unusual sight. While Mom may reserve pearls for weddings and dining-out, their daughters are busy doing it their way. With this sale,” says Shepherd, “we are making a string of pearls an affordable part of the back-to-school wardrobe.”

What, exactly, is the PearlParadise.com back-to-school sale all about? According to Shepherd, the Akoya pearls on sale are:

  • Priced at least 25-percent off already discounted prices. “Our akoya pearls are already 80% below the average retail price of those sold in high-end jewelry stores. We urge every buyer to take these pearls anywhere – to any good jewelry store – and compare the quality and price.
  • Pure white cultured akoyas. “Akoyas are the world’s classic pearl. These come straight from our pearl farm in Asia. When people think of pearls, they’re almost always thinking of white cultured akoyas.”
  • 7.0-7.5 mm. “These are not seed pearls we’re talking about. These akoya pearls are large.”
  • AA-AAA-grade quality. “This means superb luster, surface, shape, size and nacre.”

What will a back-to-school budget buy at this fashion sale?

  • For $160 – A 7-1/2-inch classic single-strand bracelet.
  • For $320 – A double-knotted, 16-inch length (“our most popular . . .”) finished with a 14-karat gold ball clasp.
  • For $350 – A princess-length strand, 18 inches long.
  • For $420 – A longer, more elegant strand, 22 inches long.
How can Jeremy Shepherd afford to sell akoya pearls at 80-percent off retail – and then include an additional 25-percent reduction on top of that?
“We’ve cut out every middleman between the akoya pearl farm and the retail jewelry store,” he says. “And, as many of our loyal customers know, we have been heavily invested in akoya pearl production for more than two years. PearlParadise.com was the first American pearl retailer to actually own an interest in an Asian akoya farm. With this back-to-school sale, we are offering the fruits of our investment.”

In the last three years alone, Shepherd and his pearls have been featured in dozens of publications including:

·“USA Today”

·“The New York Times”

·“The Wall Street Journal”

·“Entrepreneur” magazine

·“Investors Business Daily”

·“National Jeweler”

For more information about Akoya Pearls and the PearlParadise.com back-to-school sale, shop online at www.pearlparadise.com or call Shepherd’s Los Angeles store at (310) 474-8788.


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