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PR Campaigns

PR Campaigns

True Confessions About . . .
Houston Public Relations Campaigns

A Houston Public Relations Expert answers the question: “Why are my competitors getting positive publicity – and I’m not?”

When it comes to creating public relations campaigns in Houston, or in any city for that matter, many business owners throw up their hands in frustration and ask: “What does it take to wage a winning Houston public relations campaign? Luck? Connections? Do I have to know important people in high places in order to be noticed by the Houston media — and national media, too?”

No, on both counts.

The Truth About PR

Here’s the truth about getting publicity in a massive communications market like Houston: More than 90% of everything you read in magazines and newspapers, see and hear on local Houston radio and TV – and read in the online Internet media,originated through the systematic, strategic efforts of PR professionals.

Any Houston public relations consultant will tell you it is no accident that one company gets positive news coverage and another one gets none at all. A targeted Houston-focused or nationally-focused publicity campaign – conducted by professionals in the PR field – is almost always going on behind the scenes.

Perception Does Count

Especially in a competitive media market like Houston, public relations campaigns provide the edge. Perception counts. The value of your services and products may have your competitors beat in every respect, but if the competitor has launched a publicity campaign nationally and locally in Houston – and you haven’t – the typical perception is: “They’re the best company to deal with.”If you see arch business rivals quoted in Houston and national media, rest assured, their best friends are not TV and newspaper reporters. Typically, what these companies have going for them is a professional contacting print, electronic and online media on their behalf.

However, in Houston, a public relations campaign is not the best business practice for every company. For instance, if yours is a start-up business operating on a tight budget, you’re probably not an ideal candidate for a public relations campaign. While there are remarkable exceptions, reporters and editors in the Houston and national media markets are most interested in featuring companies with a documented track record of success.

What does an effective Houston public relations campaign cost
– and how long does it take to see results?

Hiring a publicity expert is not inexpensive. Even for a business well known in its field, developing a media presence takes time and patience — even when an experienced PR professional is at the helm. Depending on the company’s size and the scope of work, in Houston, a publicity campaign can cost from $10,000 to $25,000, or more.

The typical Houston public relations consultant works one of three ways: (1) by the hour, (2) on retainer, or (3) by project price. When is the right time to conduct a public relations campaign? In Houston, a publicity campaign is a sound business move if:

  • You are launching a new product.
  • You are relocating your business or adding new locations.
  • You have a niche business with products and services no one else is selling.
  • You are a leader in your field but few people realize it.
  • Your competition is getting news coverage that you are somehow missing.
  • You want to write for trade publications but you don’t have the time.
  • You already get your share of local Houston media coverage, now you’re ready to pursue national publicity.
  • Getting quality media coverage in Houston, or any major media market, requires professional public relations experts who know the news business inside and out.

Your PR Strength in the Houston Market

Bayou City Public Relations is an award-winning Houston-based PR firm owned by a former newspaper reporter and magazine editor who has the experience to know what the media is looking for in a good story, (See home page for list of recent professional awards).