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Using Online Public Relations in SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) has literally revolutionized the way businesses advertise on the Internet. Before that, radio and television were the two main media outlets for businesses along with newspaper and magazine advertisements. Today, you can spread brand awareness to a wider audience using the Internet along with a few well-placed keywords. Not only does SEO obtain a business’ website greater visibility through high rankings on search engines, it can also act as a public relations outlet.

SEO is more than strategically placing a few keywords in relevant content posts – it involves press releases, blogs, articles, and on- and off-site content. It can be a great asset to a business that wants to build brand awareness to an audience that consists mostly of web surfers.

Bayou City PR has incorporated public relations (PR) into its SEO formula with great success. We utilize our client’s selected keywords in press releases and then send them out to professional media outlets in either a localized area or nationwide. Blogs are another form of communication we use in our SEO efforts. They also focus on client-related topics while using selected keywords.

Additionally, fresh news is placed on our client’s website frequently and articles are updated frequently. These include certain keywords that the client chose and all of it works together to obtain our client’s higher visibility on the web and bring in more business for our clients. If you are interested in making the web audience more aware of your brand, read on and discover how SEO and PR have merged to create an online marketing tool that will take you to greater heights.

Press Releases and SEO

While performing our duties in providing SEO for our clients, we make sure there is an emphasis on helping the client build brand awareness. It’s not enough to put out content that has the right amount of keywords, but lacks the potential for instantaneous impressions that are vital in attracting the attention of the consuming public. By incorporating brand awareness into press releases, Bayou City PR has been able to get the word out to a larger audience about our client’s business via the web while netting them high rankings on the top search engines using our successful SEO formula.

Churning out press releases is a part of our SEO procedure as much as writing relevant content on client’s websites, programming their sites to fit search engine specifications, and writing blogs and articles. The press release includes the right number of keywords to match the keyword density, but also much more.

While focusing on obtaining organic rankings, we create worthy and valuable content in the press releases. We include information about relevant topics associated with that client’s particular business along with a newsworthy angle. This heightens the chances of editors publishing the press release, resulting in more exposure. The press releases are consistent, of high quality and are authentic. We feel this is the foundation for successful brand building since they persuade target audiences to purchase the product or service offered by the client.

Brand Awareness in Blogs and Articles

Blogging has earned a special place on the web and many consider it one of the best ways to gain exposure on the Internet. Bayou City PR incorporates both on- and off-site blogs as part of our SEO package for clients. We write relevant content in blogs and use anchor text to link to a page on the client’s website. In addition to this, we build their brand through blogs as well. Our blogs focus on related topics, much like our press releases, and we utilize experienced bloggers to create them.

They could be How-To’s or educational pieces that inform people about products and services the client provides. Bayou City PR also uses news articles to build a client’s brand. We commission writers to produce freshly written content, which we upload to the client’s website on a continual basis. The articles work in conjunction with our SEO efforts to build up a client’s brand and remain in the public’s mind.

Social Media: The New PR on the Internet

One of the newest trends that many are using for branding purposes is social media. Bayou City PR has latched on to this idea and this has led to great success for our clients. We set up Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media accounts for our clients. This gives them another way to send out their message to audiences on the Internet. We use selected keywords in social media messages along with company information, so potential customers can recognize the client’s brand and associate it with a product or service. This method has become almost mandatory for anyone who wants to use the Internet for public relations purposes. For more on how we incorporate social media into public relations, visit this link – http://www.fairmarketing.com/upsearch-content-marketing/.