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How much does a PR company charge?

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Average rates for PR firms differ significantly, dependent upon variables from the type of service(s) needed to the practitioner’s level of experience. There are also different ways to obtain PR services, some of which are likely to be more cost-efficient than others. While hiring a public relations professional as a consultant or retaining a firm on a contractual, by-project basis may seem like smart ways to go, the reality is—as the field changes, moving towards an increasingly online-based format—better options have become available.

The least expensive and most effective alternative for budget-savvy businesses tends to come in the form of a customized service package from a PR firm that specializes in digital mediums. Not only is online PR around half the cost of traditional services, it generally yields a greater ROI and more quantifiable results within a shorter timeframe.

What does a PR company do?

While the purpose of public relations has remained relatively consistent over time, both its strategies and scope have expanded vastly within the past decade. The catalyst for this rapid expansion—a process that essentially absorbed the once-separate field of marketing—was by and large the digital revolution.

With the transforming role of the Internet and its accompanying surge of new media avenues, communications-based disciplines have become innately intertwined and largely integrated. And yet, within this new and emerging context, PR companies still serve to accomplish an established set of strategic business goals.

These include:

  • Establishing brand identity
  • Promoting products and services
  • Building company credibility and recognition
  • Identifying and communicating with target audience

What to consider when hiring a PR company?

When hiring a PR company—whether for a small, local business or a Fortune 500 corporation—it is vital to choose an agency experienced in digital mediums. Opting for an online-specialty firm now will give your business the ability to effectively adapt in congruence with the rate of advancing technology—in turn, allowing you to take advantage of each new or changing opportunity for reaching target audiences and achieving overall development goals.

Reputation is a key factor in the hiring process, helping to ensure that you’ll receive the caliber of service expected. Research any potential PR agency before signing on. A highly reputable firm will supply adequate evidence of success. Spend some time on the company’s website—look for testimonials from satisfied clients and case studies detailing what the firm has done to excel on past or current accounts. When it comes to PR, the proof is in the pudding. If a firm cannot show you measurable results from previous campaigns, don’t trust that they will produce any for yours.

  • Digital PR firms offer best rates
  • PR has broadened widely in scope
  • Online-specialty firms are most efficient
  • Reputation is key
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