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Online Press Release Optimization

Online Press Release Optimization

The high cost of Houston advertising means most companies can’t afford publicity – Right?

Wrong. With optimized online press releases, Houston advertising has never been more affordable for budget-sensitive small company owners.

Online press releases are the new 21st century PR strategy that stamps out boring, expensive, do-nothing advertising that costs you money and makes you none. This hot new PR strategy can change the way small businesses on-a-budget market products and services. More and more, Houston advertising insiders are using optimized online press releases to attract qualified buyers.

A well-optimized press release can produce top ten placement in Google’s natural search results within a week or less. And unlike a newspaper ad that gets thrown out with the trash, optimized online press releases give your advertising a long life. Online press releases remain on Google for as long as six months.

What’s the secret behind press release optimization? Identifying those particular keyword phrases that potential clients/buyers type into Google and other search engines when they’re looking for the product or service you’re selling. Bayou City Public Relations can help select the right keywords for you.

Press release optimization drives sales

A remodeling contractor’s press release was optimized for Houston shower installation and Houston granite countertop installation. He also optimized for granite countertop installation Houston because he learned – in the world of search engine optimization – such simple word changes can create a whole new group of Internet shoppers. A north-of-Houston realtor optimized for Lake Conroe lake property and a specialty seamstress in the Heights optimized her press release for luxury christening dresses. She didn’t limit her keyword strategy to Houston buyers only, because she knew her ornate $350-$700 infant garments were so unique she could easily target the entire U.S. for a market.

You’ve probably got questions . . .

  • How can I optimize a press release that advertises my company?

You probably can’t optimize your own press release. Online press release writing and optimization is a specialized form of professional writing. You can’t pick it up overnight anymore than you can learn to fix an air conditioner or install a roof in one easy lesson. But, you can hire a specialist who will produce tremendous results that fatten your bottom line.

  • If I can’t write my way out of a paper bag, where can I find a qualified writer?

Locate an online press release writer by searching Google or Yahoo. Makes sense – what better place to find an online writer than . . . online?

Bayou City PR is the home of killer online press releases

If you can afford the price of a small copy machine, better software for your computer or re-upholstery for your waiting room sofa, online press releases are within your budget.

Bayou City Public Relations writes killer online press releases – affordable to small businesses on modest budgets. Every day, Bayou City PR writers prove that Houston advertising is affordable for small companies. Even if you can’t afford a 30-second spot on Channel 13 or a pithy sound bite on KTRH, you can afford the benefits available in an online press release.

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