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Online Copywriting

Online Copywriting – Website SEO Copywriting

Does your website content boost profits?

It’s just good business to hire an expert online copywriter.

When you pay mega-bucks for a snazzy website, then leave the expertise of a website copywriter out of the equation, you risk your investment. An experienced online copywriter provides the “right words” to bring in buyers. The “right words” are those keywords and keyphrases that accurately describe the selling points of your product or service.

We determine them by studying your business, so when a prospective buyer goes to Google to look for what your selling, we have already determined in advance many f those valuable keywords he’s typing in.

Targeted keywords increase the chance that a website will achieve top ranking – putting you in the company of qualified buyers.

Why is online copywriting so important?

Because that’s what search engine spiders “see” as they crawl the web. Unlike humans, cyber-spiders pay no attention to pictures, drawings and clever flash. No doubt about, these design elements are important to a website’s appeal, but never, never forget — content is king on the Internet.

The keywords that Internet surfers type into search engines determine which websites end up on the landing page. There is amazing muscle in well-written website content. That’s what was missing when a Houston architect paid a talented web designer more than $7,000 to create his Internet presence, complete with flash graphics and images of the beautiful homes he had designed and built. But, one thing was terribly wrong.

His website didn’t generate traffic. He recalls: “It was like giving a party and nobody came.”

Nobody came because what little copy his website did have, was embedded in elaborate graphics, making it unreadable to Google and other search engines. In the end, the architect didn’t give up his sleek website design, but he did locate an online copywriter to provide website content with keyword saturation that maintained the natural flow of copy.

Why beautiful pictures aren’t enough

The Houston architect learned that beautiful pictures aren’t nearly enough. Effective search engine optimization depends on the written word. Before long, the architect’s website was generating traffic that converted to leads and those leads converted to work.

A good online copywriter knows:

  • How to keep copy short, simple, clear and easy to scan.
  • How to write naturally, so readers won’t detect the adroit, behind-the-scenes use of keywords.
  • How to use keywords in headlines and sub-headlines.
  • That search engines are smart. Google notices when keywords are stuffed into website content.
  • How ridiculous it sounds when keywords are substituted for generic terms. For example, replacing every instance of the generic word “aspirin” with the keyphrase “Sav-More Pharmacy Aspirin”. “Sav-More Pharmacy Premium Aspirin works for colds and fever. When flu or headaches get you down, take two Sav-More Pharmacy Premium Aspirin and go to bed. For more relief, take three Sav-More Pharmacy Premium Aspirin four times a day.”

An experienced online copywriter is an expert specialized wordsmith who creates website content that makes serious shoppers want to stop and read it. Great content sells.


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