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Online PR

What is the cost of online PR?

Image of online prProfessional PR services are a hot commodity in today’s business world. Fortunately, the price of good public relations is considerably less than conventional advertising—not to mention, measurably more effective. Online PR is especially cost-efficient. When compared to traditional PR services, rates for digital equivalents average at half as much or less.

To get the valuable benefits of effective PR for a reasonable price, choose an integrative full-service firm that specializes in digital mediums and offers a variety of service packages. Top PR agencies are structured around the needs of clients—not the other way around.

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What is online PR?

Online (or digital) PR is a rapidly growing communications sub-field that combines three primary methodologies for reaching target audiences: traditional PR services in digital format, web-based strategic marketing techniques and the integration of new media channels.

While that may sound like a mouthful, it’s actually pretty simple.

The Internet has wholly revolutionized how the public seeks and receives information. In response, communications-based disciplines have adapted— incorporating digital mediums, merging strategic initiatives and ultimately forming an integrative new approach to marketing and PR as a single, dynamic unit.

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What are the top benefits of online PR?

One of the most valuable goals of an effective digital campaign is online identity development. A strong online presence benefits businesses by extending consistent and effective brand messaging across multiple channels, resulting in increased web traffic, improved organic search rankings and the generation of inbound leads.

With consistent content marketing, targeted website optimization and online reputation management, an expertly executed digital PR campaign can even build online presence into online authority. Authoritative sites are recognized as trusted leaders within their respective industries and become go-to sources for consumers.

Another top benefit of digital marketing and PR is online media coverage, gained through the regular distribution of well-crafted press releases. Earned media placements in online publications and other reputable sources build company credibility and help establish online authority, in addition to increasing brand awareness and providing valuable publicity for products or services.

Perhaps the most in-demand benefit of online PR right now is strategic social media marketing. Effective campaigns that utilize essential networks like Facebook and Twitter help solidify online identity, increase exposure and drive web traffic. But more importantly, social media avenues offer a direct channel of communication between a business and its target audience, forming an ideal medium for creating buzz and engaging consumers in a uniquely personalized way.

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  • Online-based PR services are budget-friendly
  • Digital marketing and PR are integrated
  • Online authority is key
  • Social media directly connects customers
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