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Internet PR

Is internet PR cost effective?

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In relation to the profitability that professional PR and marketing services can generate, the average price of a digital campaign is exceptionally reasonable. Consider the added value of inbound sales leads, increased web traffic and direct engagement with target audiences—these are just a few benefits of a well-executed PR campaign. In general, web-based PR is effective and cost-efficient with an impressively high ROI.

Digital marketing and PR allows for a lower overhead than is produced by traditional services of comparable worth, saving the cost of basic things like printing and travel expense. For that reason, it is considerably less expensive than the traditional route—making digital campaigns the preferred choice of smart, budget-conscious business owners and CEOs.

What is internet PR?

Internet PR is a rapidly growing branch of external communication services that have expanded to encompass not only traditional public relations techniques but both conventional and digital marketing strategies as well. It is a comprehensive and integrative approach to reaching targeting audiences, through a combination of both new and established mediums—typically yielding a significantly wider reach than traditional PR alone.

The digital approach to public relations and marketing focuses on disseminating strategically crafted messages via electronic communication channels—particularly, various avenues of the world wide web. Rooted in the mass transition to Internet-based modes of communication and information seeking, online PR is designed to reach the public via go-to sources for both. These key sources include websites, search engines, blogs, social media networks, online publications, email and more.

Just as traditional PR focuses on establishing brand identity, Internet-based PR serves to solidify and strengthen that identity by moving it into the digital realm. Online presence is a key dynamic of business success in today’s fast-moving and increasingly global marketplace. Successful digital PR campaigns establish, build and maintain—not just online presence but online authority—a status of recognition and credibility within a particular industry.

Which internet PR services are best for my industry?

Core internet PR services, aimed at developing online presence and increasing overall exposure, offer benefits that are widely applicable to virtually any modern industry—from retail to manufacturing to professional fields such as medicine and law. Two of the most basic elements of a web-focused PR campaign— website optimization and search engine optimization—have the primary goal of improving organic search rankings. This is a key tactic for establishing a solid online identity and increasing web traffic—both of which result in lead generation, brand recognition and improved overall visibility.

Additional services used to augment online presence and identity—including onsite and offsite blogging, social media marketing, press release distribution and the addition of valuable tools like infographics and marketing case studies to optimized websites—have the same kind of across-the-board relevance and value, regardless of which industry you represent.

  • PR has significant value and ROI
  • PR integrates traditional and digital marketing
  • Target audiences reached via electronic channels
  • Core services benefit all industries
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