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Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing

Maybe your company should hire a ghost writer. . .

A ghost writer is just a business writer in disguise

If your company needs professional writing services, who should you hire – a business writer, a ghost writer – or both? The truth is, if you hire a business writer, you’ve probably got a ghost writer in the bargain.

Why hire a ghost writer? Movie stars and politicians aren’t the only folks who need ghost writers. Presidents of companies, big and small, put ghost writers to work every day.

Exactly what is a ghost writer?

Ghost writers are writers-for-hire, experienced professionals who create articles and books in the name of someone who pays them. You call them “ghost writers” because they are unseen – but very much there. There are three reasons you might hire a ghost writer:

  • You want to write something but you don’t have time to do it.
  • You want to write something, you don’t have time to do it, and you hate to write.
  • You hate to write.

Some people argue: “Are you saying I should hire a pro to write for me? The pro writes it and I sign my name to it? That’s unethical,” isn’t it?”

It’s unethical only if you believe the President of the United States and every member of Congress is unethical. It’s unethical only if you believe communication and writing services are unimportant to the effective operation of a business.

The fact is, busy people on-the-move don’t have time to write every speech they make, every article they submit to a trade or professional publication or every editorial or opinion piece they send to a newspaper. Let’s face it, writing takes time and talent – that’s why few people write well enough to be paid for it.

Houston Ghost Writers Who Sound Like You

A professional ghost writer knows how to research a client’s business and industry, then communicate that information convincingly and clearly in the client’s name. Put another way: A ghost writer is a business writer who writes like the person who hired him – as if that person had the time and talent to do it for themselves.

Here’s what to ask when you’re seeking a ghost writer:

  • How much experience does this writer have?
  • Can this writer provide references?
  • Can this writer providenumerous examples of his/her work?
  • Does this writer have a website with examples of his/her work?
  • Does this writer listen carefully to what I am saying?
  • Does this writer clearly have the credentials to do the job?
  • Is this writer willing to write the-way-I-want-sound?

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