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Digital PR

How much does digital PR cost?

Image of digital prDigital public relations is much more cost-effective—with measurably greater ROI—than traditional marketing and advertising. And because online-based PR firms generally offer a comprehensive variety of services, customized campaigns can be designed to meet budgetary constraints while still producing desired results.

Once considered elite commodities—reserved for corporate-level conglomerates—the digital revolution has effectively increased the accessibility to professional marketing and public relations services. Online-based firms typically charge rates that are significantly lower than those of traditional PR firms, and many offer service packages that are priced affordably for small businesses and even startups.

What is digital PR and how does digital PR work?

Digital, or online, PR is a burgeoning field which joins the once-separate disciplines of marketing and public relations in a unified, strategic effort that’s designed to primarily target electronic communication channels. The primary objective of digital PR is the establishment and maintenance of online identity, presence and reputation.

Whether digital or traditional in nature, a public relations campaign has a single, overarching strategic goal: to craft and communicate wide-reaching messages—
about a product, service or company—both effectively and beneficially. The content of those messages depends largely on the needs and goals of the specific client whom they’re serving.

To that end, PR professionals work closely with each client to identify specific communications objectives, as well as to develop a coherent company branding strategy that accurately reflects its established mission and purpose, before embarking on a campaign.

From there, it’s the PR specialists job to polish and present tactically oriented messages about the business—its services/products and overall image—to target audiences, which may include consumers, investors, suppliers or even the local community as a whole.

What are the best strategies for digital PR?

The strategies used in effective online PR campaigns vary according to the goals and objectives they are intended to serve.

The highly valuable establishment of online presence often begins with website optimization strategies—tools such as rapid algorithm compliance, link building and content development. Other digital marketing efforts used to build online reputation and authority include advanced SEO (search engine optimization) and continuous content generation through onsite and offsite blogging.

Social media marketing is a key strategy of digital PR, which utilizes popular networks like Facebook and Twitter to host business pages that support online identity, increase overall exposure and help drive web traffic. Well-implemented social media campaigns also serve a unique and sometimes invaluable PR function by creating a direct channel of communication between a business and its audiences. This dynamic medium can be used to engage customers with relevant content and direct marketing initiatives or establish business partnerships and other valuable connections. Social networks also supply key insight about target audiences and provide a forum for addressing negative customer feedback in a candid and constructive manner.

  • Service packages designed to fit various budgets
  • Goal of crafting/communicating strategic messages
  • Establishing online precense is key
  • Social media marketing serves many purposes
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