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Working the Web: Why PR Firms are Going Digital

Working the Web: Why PR Firms are Going Digital

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 38 View / May 20, 2014

Before the internet swept in and changed the world, public relations was limited to what could be handed out to people in a tangible manner. Brochures, newsletters, and VHS tapes were painstakingly designed, printed, individually folded. They were inserted into envelopes and given a stamp before they were sent on their way to a client or to a target group of people. Even after all that work, there was still a wait time of roughly three to four days before the letters were delivered. Today, however, thanks to the instant delivery system that is the internet, public relations, and PR firms have become more high tech, easier to develop, and easier to access.

From Printer to Webpage

Rather than taking the time to design a brochure, print and fold it, slip it into an envelope, and send it to the target audience or interested party, many PR firms will work with a client’s website and post the information directly on the space. This has several benefits. Beyond the fact that it is so easily accessible, most things posted online are interactive and engaging, meaning the key phrases can be turned into links leading the viewer to other spaces, products, or ideas, which in turn helps to promote the business or company. Similarly, other pages, both on the home website and sister websites, can link back to the brochure.

Snail Mail is a Thing of the Past

Remember when mail sent through the postal system was the only way to send packets of information out? Even a fax machine seems slow and bulky in comparison to email with no muss, no fuss, and ensured instant delivery. Newsletters are being mailed less and less these days with the popularity of email skyrocketing off the charts. It is rare to find someone who does not have access to an email account, meaning that promotional information is easier than ever to send out into the public. Just like with the hyperlinks in the brochures, emails can contain them as well, which will bring increased traffic to the company’s website.

Internet Ads

Advertisements have always been an effective way to promote a business and reach out to the public and target audience. Newspapers, billboards, and even television have been utilized to spread the word about every business and company imaginable. Thanks to the internet, however, there is another way to advertise that will break the limits of location. Many online public relations firms prefer to use internet ad space over printed ad space. This means that major websites like Google, and Yahoo, even social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, are offering space for companies to advertise their business. Online PR firms use this space to reach out to millions of people not only in a single country, but around the world.

When looking for a public relations firm for your company or business, be it law, retail or real estate, consider using an online public relations firm over the alternative. Not only will the information reach the target audience in a given area, it will reach a target audience world wide, be more interactive, and be more easily manageable while setting you up as an authoritative, innovative voice in your own field.

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