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Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Public Relations

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 52 View / December 10, 2013

Public relations serve as the backbone of a company that seeks growth in old and emerging markets. Competition is fierce in any industry, and getting your voice heard and brand recognized in a sea of competitors is difficult without the aid of an informed and expert company capable of delivering your brand to the forefront. This is where Bayou City PR comes in. As an industry leader in PR management for years, our clients have come to rely upon our special skills and knowhow in this field. We will work hard to help your company to achieve the exposure, business, reputation, and market penetration that you desire and deserve.


Public relations have changed vastly in the last decade. In the past, one would simply take out and ad in the paper or on television to spread word about their company. With the advent of computers, the Internet, smartphones, apps and the like, there is a whole new range of avenues that companies must pursue and maintain to keep customers interested and coming back for more. One of the biggest changes has been in social media management. When discuss social media, people often jump straight to Facebook or Google Plus. While these are important ways of communicating with your clients and potential clients, there are many other platforms that must be addressed. Yelp is a prime example. With yelp, customers provide in-depth reviews of your business ranging from quality of product and quality of service to atmosphere and attitude of employees. Keeping an eye on sites like these is pivotal to maintaining performance and monitoring your customer satisfaction rates. Another important detail is finding a way to stay in constant communication with your client base.


When keeping your public relations up to date, it is important to keep your client base informed. As mentioned before, Facebook and similar platforms are great way to do this. Regularly scheduled events, discounts, and updates to your product offerings posted through social platforms will keep customers aware of the dynamics of your business and keep them coming back for more. One of the most important ways to stay relevant is to maintain and regularly update your company website. Here your business has a chance to shine and impress customers. This can be done with newsletters, sale notifications, posting of write ups in local publications, and positive reviews from loyal customers.


While the Internet is important in our day and age, there are many other media to consider, such as magazines, television, ad radio. While, advertising maybe straightforward, earned media such as reviews, are achieved through Public relations. That’s where we come in. Bayou City PR wants to be your helping hand in business, so call us today.

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