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The Role of PR Agencies in the Digital Age

The Role of PR Agencies in the Digital Age

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 155 View / July 15, 2014

In response to the digital revolution, PR agencies have adapted to suavely incorporate new media into their box of tools for building and branding client businesses. Gone are the days of the solitary “traditional” media approach—as print and even broadcast mediums give way to the online age.

While press releases still play a major role in the world of PR, even their focus has changed, with increased emphasis on internet-based distribution and the positive effects provided to SEO. Even more—social media and online marketing have become a chief focus for contemporary elite PR firms, prompting an expansion of services to include new strategic focuses like web content writing, website analytics and more.

Social Media as the New Way to Reach Audiences Directly

Social media platforms became a game-changer for the PR and marketing industry almost instantly upon their advent. With a reported 71 percent of all adult Internet-users on Facebook, that site—in addition to others like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn—has easily become one of the most accessible and influential ways to reach target audiences.

In response, many PR agencies have established a type of unique expertise in the art of social media marketing—using its popular outfits as a way to further branding for each client, directly interact with consumers and disseminate information to audiences in a way that is both engaging and highly personalized.

Website Optimization Aimed at Building Online Authority

Optimizing search engine rankings are just one aim of Houston PR firms when it comes to building their clients’ Internet image and improving visibility within the online realm. PR agencies also look to create, maintain and track the progress of high-quality sites that are designed to enhance brand recognition and increase a company’s online reach.

One specific and targeted goal of exemplary-quality online marketing and PR campaigns is to build client businesses into so-called “online authorities.” By establishing and running an authoritative site, PR and marketing pros are able to effectively establish clients’ businesses as leaders of their respective industries, as well as high-ranking, go-to sources for the online audience as a whole.