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PR Firms Help in Many Ways

PR Firms Help in Many Ways

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 20 View / May 2, 2014

If you are a senior executive with a Fortune 500 company, you’ll have your choice of top PR firms. However, what if you own or manage a smaller to mid-size company? You may need to search a little more diligently to find the right public relations firm for you.

When evaluating Houston PR firms, ask questions that relate directly to your business and its goals. The answers will clarify a firm’s interest and ability to help you in multiple ways.

Some Useful Evaluation Questions

  • How would the firm publicize a new product or service launch?
  • What methods would they use when you’re expanding, relocating or opening an additional location?
  • How would PR firms help your brand by publicizing your charitable support and community causes involvement?
  • What strategies might they use to get you better local or regional positive media coverage?
  • Have they received any testimonials from clients in your industry or from businesses the same size?
  • How would the firm use social media to engage your customers and prospects?

These are a sample of the questions you could ask public relations company creative personnel. The answers will provide some information and comfort your need to proceed–or exclude–firms from consideration.

Size Is Important

The question: Does the firm have clients with businesses of similar size to yours?

When you have a smaller business, some firms–even the best–may not focus on companies of your size. For example, the same firm that has Microsoft as a client, may be all wrong for an auto transmission business with three locations. However, a public relations entity that has helped smaller companies improve their brand through issuing exciting press releases, capturing positive local media attention and creative use of social media, may be the perfect firm for you.

How to Work With Effective PR Firms

Once you select a PR company, you should help the firm help you. Create a trusting environment to help the public relations organization perform at its best. Here are some tips from PR Daily.

  • Encourage the firm to share ideas on an outstanding relationship.
  • Offer high quality products or services to give your PR firm the tools to succeed.
  • Keep lines of communication wide open.
  • Offer and request two-way feedback.
  • Display respect and credit for their expertise.
  • Remain accessible to give the firm the chance to meet all third-party deadlines.
  • Understand your business is not the "center of the universe."
  • Learn PR basics to converse with the firm intelligently, helping it maximize its help.

Understanding the difference between PR and advertising is important. You control the timing and content of advertising. PR requires more patience and opportunistic action, as quickly reacting to events is critical.

If you own or manage a smaller company in the Houston area, consider Bayou City PR for your public relations. We’ve developed proven techniques and campaigns for small and mid-sized organizations in the digital age. Evaluate our success, personnel and ideas. We are experts in working with smaller clients to strengthen their brands and keep their name brightly in the public’s eye.

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