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How PR Firms Are Able to Shape Your Public Reputation   

How PR Firms Are Able to Shape Your Public Reputation  

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 38 View / June 9, 2014

It happens all of the time, damage is done to a reputation before the company can properly manage to address it. In a digital world, where news can spread like wildfire and reviews can go viral, many corporations have been on the receiving end of bad publicity. It is up to a public relations firm to help with damage control and come up with new, immediate ways to counter-act the bad press. For local companies, it’s important to consider hiring a Houston PR Firm who knows the market and may help shape and protect your good name.

The saying ‘no new is good news’ does not always apply to the business world. While it’s great that there’s no negative press, it’s important for a company to generate favorable press in order to stay relevant as a brand and a corporation. If your customers forget about you, and why they need your services, business will inevitably decline. A Houston PR Firm can help generate new, positive messages to saturate the local and national market, reminding the greater public why you’re the best choice for the job.

The Power of Social Media

In the last decade, companies and customers alike, have taken to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest to network in the business and personal communities. They ‘like’ or ‘follow each other, their favorite actors, TV personalities and businesses as a show of support. They have also come to use these forums as a way to express frustration and difficulties associated with a company or corporation.
Social media has changed the interaction between companies and their customers, requiring a more intensive, by-the-minute response. These responses are best left to professionals and a PR firm is a great place to explore the options available in order to maintain a positive image.

A recent story from US News and World Report demonstrates how Twitter and Facebook can improve an individual’s or company’s bottom line. Used effectively, more customers are driven to the website or business based on marketing tactics developed specifically for this platform.

Where Twitter and Facebook can get the wrong message across if used or spun the wrong way, a PR firm’s job is to craft an effective and favorable campaign for their clients to better increase their reputation and manage any negative press or reviews which come their way.

Using Reviews and Websites

PR Firms also help with internal communication, and may help craft content for a company’s personal website which highlights the goods and services in a positive light. Often, they’ll focus on the benefits of a new product and promote it, or pull an inspiring story from a past or current customer. PR firms also know how to effectively use search engines, and click-throughs which help drive web traffic and connect a company to others with positive, aligned interests.

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, also known as the BP oil spill, created backlash and a renewed demand for the clean-up and restoration of natural habitats on the Gulf of Mexico coastline. To address this public outcry, Restore the Gulf was created as a positive response to the disater, and most certainly crafted by a public relations firm.

Houston PR firms have a unique advantage when dealing with customers in the area, as they have local knowledge of customers and clients. They better understand the needs of individuals in the region, and have an expert knowledge of other corporations which offer similar services in the area. By choosing to use a PR firm to shape your reputation, your company can have a supportive ally on the battlefield that is social media.

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