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How PR Agencies Create Brands

How PR Agencies Create Brands

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 15 View / March 25, 2014

PR agencies specialize in marketing strategies and creating brands that attract new customers while building a reputation that keeps existing customers coming back again and again. Advertising professionals understand the importance of creating a logo and slogan that adequately represents a company. This “brand” is what customers will remember. A brand must be strong enough to capture a person’s attention and intrigue them enough to make them want to learn more about the company, its products and services.

PR firms strive to create the perfect brand for every client they work for. Brands must be able to be placed on signs outside the business, put on business cards and emblazoned across web pages. It must be versatile enough to represent not only the company and its products, but also the values it holds and the mission it follows. While this seems like a lofty goal, it can be done.

There are many logos and brands in use today that need no words to identify them. One of the most prolific is found on many electronic devices. A small silhouette of an apple immediately brings to mind iPods, iPads, iTunes and Mac computers. The small symbol is synonymous with computer technology at its best. It doesn’t need words or large advertisements to draw new customers in. The brand stands alone and needs few words to send its message.

PR agencies that understand the concept of branding learn as much as they can about a company before creating any type of identifier. Most brands need more than a small logo to relay their message of quality and professional workmanship. If the company already has a logo and is looking to change their image, an advertising agent may take the existing logo and alter it to reflect the new direction the company is attempting to take. Because the old logo will be recognized by older customers, maintaining the overall style will help them to recognize any new logo presented to the public.

PR agencies will often research the company’s target audience extensively before deciding on any major changes. Questions that include, “Has the age of the target audience changed?” or “Who will benefit the most from our product line?” will be asked to determine which group of people the company is trying to attract. With that information, PR agencies are able to build a brand and logo that will work well for the company.

A successful brand is one that stands out among the crowd. Individuals will recognize it immediately and know that it represents a quality product or service. A strong brand is one that portrays confidence and reliability in just a few words. Effective brands are those that stand the test of time and establishes a rapport between company and customer based on confidence and guaranteed satisfaction.

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