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 How Houston PR Firms Can Help Your Local Business Grow   

 How Houston PR Firms Can Help Your Local Business Grow  

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 132 View / July 5, 2014

Houston PR Firms specialize in building a brand and public image for locally based businesses by knowing the regional market and crafting campaigns designed specifically to target its consumer base. Small- to enterprise-level companies located in Houston and its surrounding areas can benefit in numerous ways by hiring a firm that is accessible and hands-on when it comes to attending to client needs. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from professional marketing and PR services from a local firm or agency:

Targeted Branding to Develop the Right Image for Your Company

In the absence of good PR, you stand a good chance of leaving it to outsiders to build your company’s brand. In the electronic age of social media and high-profile consumer review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, it’s not hard for disgruntled former employees or clients—even virtual strangers—to create a public image for your business…whether you like it or not. PR firms are effective in not only monitoring your online reputation and mitigating any unsavory exposure—they also specialize in helping you establish and tell your own story, with efficiency and consistency. 

Local and Regional Media Coverage to Build Credibility

Well-crafted press releases serve two important purposes in this day and age. First, they help to build online credibility and can even boost your search engine rankings. And a good press release from a reputable Houston PR firm still serves its traditional purpose of engaging the media—which is worth its weight in gold, so far as lending public recognition to your business and building your image goes. Industry experts estimate that a positive, well-placed news story is worth as much as three- to five-times more monetarily than an advertisement with equivalent visibility.

Social Media and Online Marketing Campaigns Tailored to Reach Local Customers

Today’s most innovative PR agencies have broadened the scope of their services to incorporate a variety of web-based mediums—including social media, the “blogosphere” and SEO-focused online marketing. Houston PR Firms have the advantage of being able to tailor all of these avenues strategically to reach your local audience by using targeted title tag and keyword generation, well-executed campaigns on popular social media platforms and more.