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Houston PR Firms are Looking to Content Marketing to Lead the Way

Houston PR Firms are Looking to Content Marketing to Lead the Way

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 17 View / December 18, 2013

Houston PR firms are always having to evolve the ways in which they reach the broadest possible demographics. Audiences have turned their backs on traditional marketing tactics. They increasingly find advertisements on the radio and TV annoying and interruptive. Online advertisements are even worse, and the ads that aren’t annoying are often missed completely because people are focused on the content, not the ads.


Now popular search engines are penalizing the practitioners of traditional search engine optimization techniques by Houston PR Firms by updating their algorithms to make search results more relevant to its users. Because of this, SEO is evolving to provide that relevant content potential customers might be looking for online. That evolution has lead to content marketing — the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content with the objective of attracting, educating and engaging a target audience, and the goal that they’ll eventually become customers.

While content marketing is supplanting both advertising and SEO, its best practitioners are PR professionals. Houston PR firms have been creating content for their clients for decades with the goal of placing that content in the media. Of the three kinds of media available to businesses – paid media, earned media and owned media — the two that lend themselves to content marketing are already dominated by PR.

Paid media consists of advertisements and sponsorships and, though easily controlled, lacks credibility, which should be one of the hallmarks of good content marketing. This is not typically advised as consumers are keenly aware of the difference between real and paid endorsements. Billboards, tv ads, radio ads, flyers, and such are easily seen by consumers for what they are: ads. The goal of the publicist should be to minimize this awareness and build a relationship with consumers that is based upon trust and reliability. This is the key point of having Houston PR firms.


Media earned by PR efforts generates content through the influence of journalists and bloggers. These efforts create a sense of trust in consumers, because they are typically from trusted sources such as tv, radio, or magazine interviews and endorsements that come from trusted sources.


Owned media is where content marketing really shines. It consists of media that can be easily controlled, such as YouTube videos, a company blog or the company’s website. Like the best earned media, good content marketing offers potential customers non-interruptive content without pitching or selling them a product or service. By providing valuable information, companies using Houston PR Firms for content marketing well earn their customers’ business and loyalty.

At Bayou City PR we can develop a content marketing strategy that will help your company reach its target markets through content marketing.

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