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Employ a Houston Publicist to Help Enhance Your Business Image and Attract Customers

Employ a Houston Publicist to Help Enhance Your Business Image and Attract Customers

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 302 View / March 11, 2014

Successful business leaders are often quick to credit at least a share of their corporate success to the efforts of a professional publicist and a coordinated public relations campaign.  In fact, in terms of  company growth, advertising and promotion generally receive a larger allocation of funds with each level of incremental growth.  For major corporations, image enhancement, brand recognition and corporate good will become increasingly vital.

Public relations is a specialty that requires an understanding of business operation, customer  perception, buying habits and economic trends.  It is, for most companies, every bit as important as the actual production of product or the delivery of service.  Effective public relations is, in many ways, the determinant of success or the road to ruin for business and commerce in today’s world.

In today’s digital age, in the pervasive realm of social media and instant communication, the dissemination of information, and managing that information in beneficial ways to affect the bottom line, are vital skills. Social networking allows a kind of two-way communication that, until recently, was impossible.  But, it also has eliminated some of the previously common business practices.

Four new principles are almost universally accepted:

  • Customers are in control.
  • Customers are well informed, and are willing and able to do independent research.
  • Customers are willing to search for the best price and the best service.
  • Customers will check references or rely on recommendations.

To develop an effective campaign, a publicist must use all the tools available in the digital arsenal, and use them in an organized, logical manner in order to communicate with customers.

Seth Godin is the irreverent, slightly quirky “marketer’s marketer” who once served as Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing and is the bestselling author of 17 books.  He also writes one of the world’s most popular blogs, and he insists that companies today should stand out rather than trying to fit in. He also speaks of the most important question in marketing today.  That is, says Godin, “Do they trust me enough to believe my promises?”

Our innovative, perceptive experts at Bayou City Public Relations will work with you to create a positive answer to that question as a prelude to building your brand, promoting you product or service, and enhancing your image in order to create the business success you seek.  We are a full-service public relations firm with a history of innovation and achievement.

Our team of publicists is grounded in effective SEO practices and we know our way around popular social media; we can produce press releases that get published, copy writing for your website that gets read, advertising that does its job, and full service public relations in Houston that gets noticed.

We would be delighted to be able to discuss your needs with you, and to be a part of your growth.


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