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Are Houston PR Firms Adapting to an Online World?

Are Houston PR Firms Adapting to an Online World?

by Toria Walker / No Comments / 14 View / April 2, 2014

The Internet and digital technology have transformed how many companies do business. Retailers can reach out to a global market to move their wares, and they can also find a larger pool of manufacturers and suppliers to do business with. In many ways, the digital age has brought great benefits to businesses, but it’s not without its flaws. Retailers have always known that negative information travels faster than positive information, and it’s now moving at the speed of sight and sound thanks to social media and portable digital devices. This is why public relations companies are increasingly turning to the Internet to counter negative publicity and help spread good information about their clients. Here are just a few of the ways that Houston PR firms are adapting to the changing marketplace and the growing digital influence.

Social Networking

It seems like everybody is on some form of social networking, and Houston PR firms are joining the trend. It’s more than just setting up a Facebook account for a client, however. They also actively monitor trends on Twitter and other sites to see what’s being said about a client. If most of the action is negative, then the PR firm can step in quickly to try and reverse the damage.

Bloggers and Business

When someone starts to follow a certain blog or niche website, the PR professionals will soon take advantage of the publicity that blogger enjoys. They may work with the blogger to produce articles about a certain company, or they may pay for advertisements on the site. The bloggers appreciate the extra income, and the businesses benefit from the additional positive advertising.

Company Blogs to Bring in Business

Companies are also starting their own blogs, and public relations firms will help them with optimizing SEO keywords. A roofing company may have a series of articles on watching for water damage, protecting the roof, and finding a good contractor. As a potential client searches for more information on these subjects, they may stumble across the company blog and naturally be directed to the main website. It’s a great way to maintain high search engine ratings and increase traffic to the main site.

Portable Devices and Impulse Purchases

Smart phones have come down in price, and many carriers have special deals that make the phones more affordable than ever. With so many people carrying around a device that can stream data, PR companies are realizing that there’s an opportunity to pick up more purchases. In addition to using social media, companies can send customers special deals through text messages. PR companies can track the effectiveness of any particular ad or sale campaign through social media sites to help companies fine-tune these advertising efforts in the future.

In the 21st century, PR is no longer dependent on magazines, billboards, radio and television to get a message out about a certain company. They can now use the Internet and portable devices to learn more about the public’s view of a company, share information, focus advertising and build goodwill. Using the power of e-mail, texting, social media and various websites, they’re actually facilitating and steering the discussions in a positive direction.

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